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#123 Better support for multi-screen


Multi-screen setups is not very much thought with virtualwin.... I have two screens one bigger and another wtih smaller screen and resolution.

I cannot scroll with mouse from the bottom of the smaller screen to another virtual screens propably because virtualwin doesn't detect that my actual screen ends already but it propably expects it to be in same resolution as my bigger screen. Scrolling up from top of my smaller screen however works.


  • Steven Phillips

    Steven Phillips - 2012-10-05

    In short I suggest you start using hot keys - Windows does a marvellous job at supporting multiple monitors but when you start having monitors of different sizes or non rectangular layouts the required outcome of actions become very ambiguous.

    For example, in your example setup, if you move the mouse from the small monitor down to the taskbar on the large monitor the chances are you will clip the bottom edge of the small monitor - now was that an accident or a request to change desktops? Similarly if you move from the taskbar across to the small monitor you could hit the the right edge of the large monitor which is below the small monitor, so should VW change desktop right because you hit the right edge? If hitting the bottom of the small monitor shown make VW go down then hitting this edge should go right and will confuse!

    Even without this issue the mouse is a dubious method of changing desktop as the intention of the user is not clear and getting it wrong causes real frustration to the user. Throw in this issue and there just isn't a good solution, and that's before we start going into discussions on the limitations of Windows APIs so to avoid boring you with that I'm going to stop and be up front and state that I'm not going to fix this one - sorry but I can't think of a fix for this one.

  • Steven Phillips

    Steven Phillips - 2012-10-05
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