Request: cyclic desktop switching

  • Ktulu789

    Ktulu789 - 2010-04-19

    I only use two simple desktops, one for every application I run on my computer and another for remote assistance as I work in a helpdesk. There I load all apps related to the users.
    I was using nVidia desktop manager (comes with old nVidia drivers and I'm about to upgrade my PC, Yay) and it allows me to go back and forth between desktops with only one key combination (alt + º, spanish keyboard, the º key is above the tab key, so switching apps and desktops go in near keys :-D).
    In fact, the function activated by alt+º hot key just goes to the next desktop on a cyclic fashion desktop 1 => d2 => d1 and so on

    I have found this nice application VirtuaWin wich is more powerfull (in terms of configuration and expansion) and having used it for a while I really love it but I kinda miss this single thing: cyclic switching.

    As a work around I generated another hot key to jump to the second desktop and after that I can use alt + º to go back and forth between them. But is really annoying when I forget pressing Win + 2.

    I don't mean that everyone would love this feature if it was added but if on a new release I find a check box for this I would be very thankful.

  • Steven Phillips

    Steven Phillips - 2010-04-20

    This feature is already available but known as 'desktop wrapping', the checkbox to enable it is on the General tab of the main Setup dialog.

  • Harry Pehkonen

    Harry Pehkonen - 2010-04-20

    At first I thought the answer by bjasspa was incorrect, but I was mistaken.

    I enabled desktop wrapping, and now whenever I hit WIN-, I switch back and forth between the top two desktops.  Of course this could be mapped to a different hot key.


  • Harry Pehkonen

    Harry Pehkonen - 2010-04-20

    Ahem . . .

    That should be WIN - right-arrow.  I suppose BBCode took over.

  • Steven Phillips

    Steven Phillips - 2010-04-20

    This setting affects many areas and as such is more a statement of your preferred working practice, for example this setting also affects what happens when changing desktops via the mouse or by middle clicking on the System tray icon. I know of people who disable this option so that they can easily get to the first and last desktops (i.e. by hitting next lots of times) - each to their own… I'm glad this seems to have resolved your issue.

  • Ktulu789

    Ktulu789 - 2010-04-21

    Well thanks a lot for your answers and my apollogies for not looking further on the help. I remember that option when I first installed VW a month ago and I asked my self "what's this for?". Finally in the voragine of first configuration and testing I forgot to check this one on the help file. I have mostly read the help for the expert settings and the windows rules (I'm not having problems with VW so I didn't modified the rules yet, but I wanted to know).
    I first remembered word wrapping from notepad (cuts the text strings at the window edges to the next line) and thought desktop wrapping was something about the wallpaper or the icons that stretched the wallpaper to all the desktops or something alike. Maybe it's because my natal language is spanish (yes, greets fly from Argentina to you) that I was confused here or maybe "desktop wrapping" is not really clear for first time users (not for dumb users like me, hehe! :-P). In the help says "Enable desktop wrapping: If checked, it will be possible to cycle through all desktops" and it is well explained and clear. Probably I'm the first asking for this and that's because I had this option by default in the old app (nVidia desktop manager) and I was accustomed to the functionality. For a new user that first discovers desktop virtualization and never used a program like this maybe there will be no need for this option. Well, I'm humbly asking for the option to be more clear because I think it will help new users. Something short like "enable desktop wrapping (cyclic switching)".
    Thanks bjasspa!
    I don't feel so bad as I am not the only one that wasn't able to figure out the meaning of this option. Harrypehkonen you are not alone :-D Thanks for your time testing and your reply! Every day I learn something new!
    Also to bjasspa last reply: yes, I know this option could be useless for other users and I quote myself "I don't mean that everyone would love this feature if it was added but if on a new release I find a check box for this I would be very thankful."
    I like programs that let the user refine the options completely and this application has a lot of checkboxes and options that make it highly customizable. VW has something for everyone so I love it. Thanks again for your replies, your time, and for helping make this a wonderful application. Of course I will recommend it to my friends whenever I find the occasion. It's great!


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