Xming window is always shown on ALL desktops.

cem tenz
  • cem tenz

    cem tenz - 2010-03-15

    I am using a free windows x-server Xming (http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/files/Xming/) to view linux programs on my desktop. but my problem is, that when i open a linux window on one of my virtua-desktops. its always shown on all desktops. i tried to move etc. but its always shown on all.

    do you have an idea how to solve this ?

  • Steven Phillips

    Steven Phillips - 2010-03-15

    You will probably need to create a Window rule to force VirtuaWin to manage these windows. I suggest you use VirtuaWin's 'Window menu' -> 'Add window rule' feature to create a new window rule for Xming windows (remove the Window name as this is likely to change from one window to the next) and enable option 'Always manage windows of this type.

    If you have any further problems use VW 'Window menu' -> Info feature to get info on the Xming window and cut-n-paste the text into another post, this will help document the problem.

  • cem tenz

    cem tenz - 2010-03-16

    this worked. wow. thanks you very much.

  • cem tenz

    cem tenz - 2010-03-16

    now i have a new problem same to the first problem.

    i am using a gameroom called voobly. it works like following: i go to www.voobly.com install the game client (its installs a game client called: voobly.exe". then when i click a link on that website. a windows opens via voobly.exe. and this window is also shown on all desktops.

    i tried the same fix of above. but that didnt worked for this :(

    also , i dont have a window->menu for this window when i middle click on top.

    thats really strange.

    i tried to make a window rule by process (*\voobly.exe), and i also tried partial string of the window name ("* Age Of Empires Game Room * "

    both didnt worked for me. any idea how to solve this?

  • cem tenz

    cem tenz - 2010-03-16

    i do have the problem described in post 4. only when i use windows 7. in windows xp everything works well.

    please help to find a solution for win7.


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