Can I set Virtuwin so the desktop icons switch between desktops, but the windows remain constant

  • BrokenEye

    BrokenEye - 2013-08-21

    I used to have a two-monitor, with a small handful of permanent icons on one screen and a herd of temporary icons for files used in projects I'm currently working on the second way. I recently had to get rid of that setup, so I downloaded Virtuwin to try and replicate the functionality.

    But Virtuwin seems to be awfully dedicated to having some windows on one virtual desktop and different ones in another, and not only do I not need this, but it would actually be rather disruptive. The problem is, I don't know how to turn that part off.

    I just want to have two virtual desktops with different icons. Same windows. Same menu bar. Same everything, except the desktop icons. Is there a way to do that? If so, how? The settings menu is rather confusing.

  • Johan Piculell

    Johan Piculell - 2013-08-21

    This is not the primary intention of VirtuaWin so this is why you find it dedicated to keep certain windows on certain desktops (which is the main idea with the whole application).
    You should be able to achieve what you want however, but I'm not sure VirtuaWin is the tool for you. But if you add a module for keeping different iconsets on your desktops (can be found from the module page) and then make all your windows sticky, preferably by adding a Window rule to never manage windows of the classname "*".


    • BrokenEye

      BrokenEye - 2013-08-22

      Is there a different program you would recommend instead?

  • John

    John - 2016-09-29

    Somewhat late but for anyone else looking for this answer, the module VWDesktopIcons is what you're after.

    Last edit: John 2016-09-29

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