Windows 8 taskbar icons issue

  • elba

    elba - 2013-04-01

    VirtuaWin 4.4 mostly works fine, even with multiple monitors, but when I switch desktops the app icons on the taskbar get confused. So after switching back and forth a few times between desktops, I'd suddenly get the Evernote icon for Firefox and seemingly arbitrary other active windows. This makes it hard to distinguish which taskbar icon activates which app, if no or little title text is present.

    I use VirtuaWin to switch between different fullscreen apps views on a dual monitor setup, so I rely pretty heavily on the taskbar icons for navigation.

  • elba

    elba - 2013-05-09

    This is what it looks like

    From left to right: Foobar2000, Explorer folder, another folder and another folder

  • Johan Piculell

    Johan Piculell - 2013-05-16

    There are some settings under expert that you can elaborate with, not sure if it helps though. I also recall some other discussions on this topic, but don't have the time to search for it right now.


  • Simon Liddington

    I have the same problem. I have found that if i change the taskbar icon size to/from small it fixes the icons. Anyone know a way to do this programmitically - perhaps on desktop change?


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