failed to register hotkey

  • AndyS01

    AndyS01 - 2009-05-30

    When I start up, or change any hotkey configuration, I get 4 error popups saying "Failed to register hotkey#" for hotkeys 1 to 4.  I tried to change the hotkeys but still got these popups.

    • Johan Piculell

      Johan Piculell - 2009-06-16

      Paste your config file here and I'll try the same setup on my machine.
      What windows version are you on?


    • Steven Phillips

      Steven Phillips - 2009-06-19

      What OS are you using? The latest version, Winndows 7, seems to use VW's defaults causing this issue - see recent 'Virtuawin on Windows 7' thread ( for more information on this topic.

    • AndyS01

      AndyS01 - 2009-07-07

      I'm running Win XP (sp2).  I also connect to this PC via Remote Desktop Connection, if that matters.

    • DelphyM

      DelphyM - 2009-09-01

      Hi there, I have similar problem on Windows Vista (Business ENG, SP2)
      I use same configuration I used on XP before I've upgraded.

      Now, when I log in into my profile on Vista and when VirtuaWin is loaded, I've receive following
      VirtualWin Error: "Failed to register hotkey 12, check hotkeys."

      When clicking OK button, then everything works fine. But clicking each time I log in this Error dialog window is little bit irritating. Is there anything I can prevent this error?

      I've also tried to follow steps in FAQ
      but I wasn't able to solve it. In the table of numeric key value are not listed all possibilities.
      My line in virtuawin.cfg looks:
      hotkey12# 84 8 8 0

      any hints are welcome. (I've got just idea to delete or comment this line and see if it helps)

    • DelphyM

      DelphyM - 2009-09-01

      it didn't help...or it helped, but I've receive strange behavior instead...

    • Steven Phillips

      Steven Phillips - 2009-09-01

      I believe your hotkey 12 is bound to "WIN+T" and evidently this is bound to something else (you could have created a hotkey for a desktop icon - try pressing it and seeing what happens). Simply remove or modify this hotkey to some other key combination.

    • DelphyM

      DelphyM - 2009-09-02

      Thank you very much for quick and perfect answer.
      Yes, you're right:)
      I used to have for "WIN: Toggle always show" assigned key combination WIN + T, which is that problematic hotkey #12

      But at Windows Vista seems that this key combination is already reserved for .... (something totally useless :-( ) It does nothing except invoking TaskBar (I have autohide) and poping up the thumbnail of some already running application. Like if you hover over them by mouse.

    • DelphyM

      DelphyM - 2009-09-02

      yes. That exactly is design by M$ with other "blocking" shortcuts which I've been using comfortably using on XP for controlling VirtuaWin.

      Windows logo key + T
      Cycles through programs on the taskbar

      And as I read, it seems to be worse in Win 7...

      I'd welcome any hint how to customize reserved hotkeys by M$ in their new OS Win Vista/7
      'cause most of it seems to be pretty unusable for me like WIN + U,T,M,G,..)

      but anyway, thanks again. I've at least got rid of that error message:)


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