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Virtual Photo Organizer 1.4.2 released!

The main emphasis in this version was put on easy usability. Photos can now be added to an album by just dragging the files into VPO from Explorer, most internet browsers or any other application that supports file dragging. Of course this also works the other way round as well. VPO now copies the photos to the windows clipboard when you click on Copy in the photos pane and also allows you to drag the photos to any application that supports file drop, such as Explorer, Word, Power Point, etc.
Another very handy feature that was added due to request, makes VPO search all subdirectories of a dropped collection of files recursively for photos.

Posted by tommazzo 2006-03-01

Virtual Photo Organizer 1.4.1 released!

This is a pure bugfix release which addresses some bugs and performance problems with the last release.

Posted by tommazzo 2006-02-04

Virtual Photo Organizer 1.4 for .NET 2.0 released!

This release adds a feature to burn your albums to CD/DVD and also includes a viewer application for them. The photo editor performance has been greatly improved, like the startup speed and the overall responsiveness of the program.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-12-09

Virtual Photo Organizer 1.3.1 for .NET 1.1 released!

This is mainly a bugfix release, featuring also some internal changes with the album format. Among the fixed bugs are things like incorrect scaling of some pictures or language string fixes.
This is also the first version to include a French translation.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-08-21

Virtual Photo Organizer 1.3 for .NET 1.1 released!

After quite some time there is finally a new version.
It features some great additions, such as a red eye remover, a click&drag area selector for easier cropping, the ability to zoom into an image in photo editor by just clicking on the point you wish to see, and an automatic updater, which will make retrieving new versions a child's play.
On the side of the changes I also have some great news: the photo editor now consumes a lot less CPU power and memory through a completely reworked drawing logic.
And of course this version also ships with loads of bugfixes, which e.g. make it now possible to nest cropping and resizing operations multiple times.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-07-11

Virtual Photo Organizer 1.2 for .NET 1.1 released!

This is the first release to include the new TXML library 2.1 and is thus also a bit friendlier what CPU and memroy usage is concerned. What makes this release rather special is the new searching functionalit, which allows you to search any number of albums for certain photos.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-05-29

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.1.6 for .NET released!

This version finally makes it possible to start the slide show from the photo, you just clicked on and fixes chronological reordering of photos and two other bugs.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-04-10

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.1.5 for .NET released!

This version finally introduces automatic translation of special characters in photo titles and descriptions into valid html code during an export. It also fixes a bug, which caused the program to stop responding when exoprting to an html album with automatic resizing and a bug, which caused caused the photos to loose focus after a drag&drop operation. Furthermore I increased performance of the photo import procedure.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-04-08

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.1.4 for .NET released!

This version features some huge accessiblity improvements: auto-scrolling during drag & drop operations, copying/moving photos between albums and the possiblity to auto-rename a photo when adding/copying/moving it to an album in which a file with the same name already exists.
Of course quite a few bugs have also been fixed.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-04-02

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.1.3 for .NET released!

This version finally has printing support, supports auto-renaming and auto-sorting of photos, as well as makes the size of the albums pane modifieable via a slider.
Of course a few bugs have been fixed as well.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-03-27

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.1.2 for .NET released!

In this version I fixed a rather nasty bugm which caused an exception when minimizing the photo editor.
I also added a general exception handler, which catches an exception in the unlikely event that it is not handled yet and prints out some debug info on the screen, which I ask you to take a screenshot of and mail it to me so that any remaining bugs can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-03-23

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.1.1 for .NET released!

This version once again has some new features, such as the ability to change the TimeTaken property of a photo and the ability to display the photo's resolution in the quick image info.
I also fixed a bug, which caused album deletion to fail, when deleting with the del key.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-03-23

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.1.0 for .NET released!

This version truely comes with a lot of new features!
The most important additions are the ability to nest albums and to rearrange albums and photos. Also is there new quick info, popping up at your mouse position and giving you some quick info about the photo or album, you're hovering over.
Of course there've also been loads of bugfixes! For further information please take a look at the changelog.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-03-21

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.0.2 for .NET released!

This version can be mostly seen as a speed improvement to the TXmlReader. It has been completely rewritten, to reduce memory usage and reads on the hard disk and thus to increase reading speed.
Besides that a nasty bug that caused the program to delete a random album when slecting Delete Album and a bug that caused your photo paths to temporarily get updated after an HTML export have been fixed.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-03-06

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.0.1 for Win32/.NET released!

This is mainly a bugfix release, it contains various fixes for some nasty bugs besides some changes, which make handling the program far easier.

Posted by tommazzo 2005-02-28

Virtual Photo Organizer V.1.0 for Win32/.NET released!

The first stable version of the next generation photo album has just been released.
It features easy organization, editing, commenting, export to HTML albums, and much more.
Visit the project page: and download your copy!

Posted by tommazzo 2005-02-25

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