dany2014 - 2017-06-03

Hello, my name is Luta Dumitru and I am developer of distribution for education AcademiX GNU / Linux https://academixproject.com . I want to transform the Virtual Microscope package into .deb format for better distribution in the Linux world. I'm not clear about the license under which the application works. Below I have a prototype of what I have to write under the License. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Copyright (c) <2006> <Owner Organization="" Name="">
All rights reserved.

Developed by: <Imaging Technology="" Group="">
<Beckman Institute="" for="" Advanced="" Science="" and="" Technology="" at="" the="" University="" of="" Illinois="" at="" Urbana-Champaign="">

Do I have the right to convert this program into a .deb package?
Thank you for answer!

Luta Dumitru