Virtual Hiker version 0.0.2 (pre-beta) released

Virtual Hiker is a Java program that allows a user to easily and interactively use map data to plan hikes or explore new areas. This program includes features helpful to the hiker such as interactive 3D maps of the terrain rendered in real-time; the ability to trace trails across the terrain and get height verses distance profiles; and the ability to tile together adjacent maps to create seamless map areas. Version 0.0.2 adds the following new features:

* Added an estimate of the offset from true north to what a magnetic compass would show. The magnetic offset for a location is shown when the "cross-hair" tool is used to click on the 2D map. Also, in the 3D view, there are now a pair of buttons above the compass strip that toggle between true heading and magnetic heading.

* Added a pop-up menu to the 2D map view that can be used to move the 3D view point to any position on the 2D map. The pop-up menu can also be used to zoom in or out of the 2D map view.

* Added a graphic that displays the current 3D view window's position and view direction on the 2D map.

Virtual Hiker 0.0.2 can be downloaded from:

Virtual Hiker comes in two parts: Virtual Hiker itself and VH Editor. This release contains a binary version of VH Editor only, the source release contains the still immature Virtual Hiker as well.

Posted by Joseph A. Huwaldt 2004-09-18

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