VGL uses wrong display

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-12-26

    Ok, this is a problem that might be because I've not read the docs properly or something else, but this is how it goes.
    I'm running VirtualGL and TurboVNC in a multi-user environment, an Ubuntu desktop. I've set up a separate user for running a TurboVNC server, as my main user is the most privileged user second to root.
    I've set up an init.d task which launches the server as the correct user, but I have a problem with displays. It uses the wrong one. Instead of using the display it recently created for TurboVNC, it uses :0. which is my default display. (It's supposed to use :1.0 )
    The error occurs when I prefix apps with vglrun, to note.  (Otherwise the GLX extension appears as if it's missing, as expected)
    Is there any way of making VirtualGL default to the display on the VNC instead of mine?
    Is this an internal command for the vncserver program?

  • DRC

    DRC - 2011-12-28

    There are two displays in VirtualGL: the 3D display, which is configured with the VGL_DISPLAY env var and defaults to :0 (which is almost always what you want unless you have multiple GPUs) and the 2D display, which is configured with the DISPLAY env var and defaults to whatever display the VNC server is using. There should be no reason why VirtualGL would use :0 as a 2D display unless you specifically modified the DISPLAY env var.