how to Use Sun Grid Engine With VirtualGL ?

  • sinoag

    sinoag - 2012-03-05

    Where to find this example or documents? Thanks

  • DRC

    DRC - 2012-03-05

    When VirtualGL was part of a Sun product, we maintained a special add-on to SGE called "Advanced Reservations" that allowed SGE to track 3D graphics as a resource and assign only a certain number of jobs to a particular graphics pipe.  We also maintained wrapper scripts to start VirtualGL in SGE.  Sun Shared Visualization 1.1.1 was the last version to be released, so if you can find that online, you may be able to look at those scripts and get a hint as to how to proceed.  I was able to find the documentation from Sun Shared Visualization 1.1 here:

    We certainly do not maintain current information on this, since Sun (Oracle) has not supported VirtualGL since 2009.  I am, however, available for consulting and funded development opportunities and would be happy to re-integrate the latest versions of VirtualGL and SGE for you under contract.

  • sinoag

    sinoag - 2012-03-08

    Thank you for your help
    If I want to use similar the SGE tools, which tools can and Virtualgl with, to achieve the purpose of the load balancing server cluster