Rekrul - 2009-09-03

I have a bunch of videos in OGM format that I want to convert to AVI to play on a stand-alone DVD player that supports Divx.

The video is in Xvid format, but the audio is in OGG format. No matter what I do, I can't get VDubMod to convert the files with sound. I select Direct Stream Copy for the video, access the streams window, select Full Proecessing mode, go to the Compression window, select MP3 as the format, select the bitrate, etc, click ok. Then go to the FIle menu, select Save As, AVI format is selected. I enter a filename, and all it does is copy the video stream to an AVI file while ignoring the audio.

Here's the part I don't understand;

If I open an AVI file, I can set the audio stream to Full Processing mode, select the exact same settings in the compression window and VDubMod happy re-encodes the audio and writes it to the new AVI. When the audio is in OGG format, or the container is OGM (not sure which is the problem), it suddenly loses the ability to convert the audio while writing the AVI. It will convert and save the audio separately, but then it has to be manually re-combined with the video. As I have several videos to convert, this isn't exactly an ideal solution.

Why can't it convert the OGG audio while writing the new AVI file so that the files can be converted in one step?