Help Please! Trying to join 2 video segments

jon paugh
  • jon paugh

    jon paugh - 2009-05-11

    Been using Virtual mod for awhile now, joining 2 or 3 video files together into 1 complete movie.  Every now and then I get an error, well I'm tired of the error and don't want 2 part movies.  Lets say I click on "File" and add a video file 1,  I get a box that pops up.
    ---Virtualdub has detected an improp VBR audio encoding in source AVI file (audiostream 1).  Current pref is to rewrite audio header with standard CBR values during processing for better compatibility. this may introduce up to 10085 ms of skew from video stream. if this is unacceptable, decompress the entire audio stream to an uncompress WAV file and recompress with constant bitrate encoder.  (bitrate: 121.4 +/- 12.0 kbps)   Do U Still want to rewrite header ?  YES  NO
    ------sooo I click YES and then move the browser cursor to the right (end of 1st movie segment) and then click "file" and append 2nd vid file and here is the next error.
    ---Cannot Append segment, the Video streams have differ data formats... OK

    IF anyone could help me out with what I'm doing wrong, I would be soooo grateful, I have a BUNCH of movies that are in 2 part segments (for some reason thats how they came in, when I downloaded in RAR through Rapidshare.  I'm sure this may be an easy fix, but I've spent quite awhile looking through all the toolbars and experimenting.....
    THANKYOU so Much in advance for any help!

    • TheTooleMan

      TheTooleMan - 2009-05-12

      The reason it says "Cannot Append segment, the Video streams have differ data formats" is because the video streams have differ data formats (d'oh!).

      Use GSpot to see the codec, bit rates, etc., of the two segments you're trying to join.

    • jon paugh

      jon paugh - 2009-05-12

      I understand the videos have differ data formats, cuz thats the error it gives me. 
      What is GSpot ?
      And is there a way I can redo both segments inorder to attach them together, REFORMAT of some kind ?


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