montango - 2009-01-18


I have a very strange, but annoying, problem: on my desktop I have used VirtualDubMod build 2540 hundreds of times to encode MPEG2 TV recordings to avi (using Divx or Xvid and MP3 encoder AC3) in batch mode, with very few cases of desync audio/video. If it occured, it was because of an error in the original file, and warnings were issued in the job list.

The same program installed on my laptop produces with much higher occurrence desynchronized audio/video files, and there is NO WARNING in the job list. This is very annoying because I usually delete the original MPEG2 file after a successful compression, and keep only the ones that issued warnings for later check.

What can be the reason of such a different behavior?

I checked the case "sync to video" in the options menu, with no result.

Needless to say that the original MPEG files have no desync, and it probably occurs because of dropping some bad corrupted video frames, but still keeping the audio (desync grows towards the end of the movie, mainly around "bad frames" - often visible in the MPEG file as images with big squares).

My question is WHY is there no warning?

I use a different Divx encoder on the laptop, but the same xvid version.

I hope someone knows what to do.