No audio preview on larger VOB file

Kurt Raihn
  • Kurt Raihn

    Kurt Raihn - 2008-01-26

    Hi all,

    I have several .VOB files I am converting so that I can import them into Adobe Premiere Pro.  I am using my CanopusDV codec.  I have successfully converted 3 files, all of which are under 141 MB in size.  When I open a .VOB file that is 324 MB in size, I cannot preview or export the audio.  I can preview and export the video. Can anyone help me with this issue?


    • klo

      klo - 2008-01-26

      You can always use another tool to demux the video and audio stream....

      I think you can use the "MPEG Tools" in "TMPGEnc Plus" to demux VOB to M2V and AC3.

      Just out of interest, have you thought about frame serving it to APP? - as you're loosing some quality on the transcode to DV...  It's been a while since I last played around with AviSynth but I think it is possible to frameserve the MPEG-2 stream in a VOB file (or, maybe even using VDM's built-in frameserver? - though I've never tried that...).

      If you want to go the frame serving route, you can demux the audio using Ciler's AC3Tool (if you don't have TMPGEnc) - I'm not sure if AviSynth can do anything about the AC3 stream. (anyone care to follow-up?)

      To be honest, I've never found a need to preview in VDM - I've always used an external player (like MPC / VLC) to do the "preview".

      I hope this helps slightly - even though I didn't (don't know how to...) directly answer your question...

    • Kurt Raihn

      Kurt Raihn - 2008-01-26

      Thanks for all the advice.  The strange this is that I can preview the VOB file in other applications and I can hear the audio, but when I open it in VDM I cannot hear any audio, nor can I hear audio when I export it.

      I will see if I can export the audio in another app.

      Thanks again,


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