white lily - 2008-10-15

for me, VDM has been behaving strangely since I installed it some week ago.
Sometimes it crashes right after starting it, sometimes it crashes after opening a file.

When opening files, sometimes the requester dialogue box displays film files only, making it impossible to locate film files within folders. Folders and subfolders simply do not appear there.

I have many *.avi files that all come from the same source (my camera, always same settings), but when trying to append one to another, VDM claims they've got different audio properties.

After cutting an avi (nothing more!), the saved output file is of very poor quality, as compared to the source file. I have tried all possibilities in the "save as" dialogue - either the image is blue, contorted or very pale.

My OS is Win XP Home.

I'd very much appreciate helpful comments.