thehori - 2010-08-29

I need to change the order of audio-streams in ~300 .avi-files.
No recoding / resampling / re-anything needed - neither for video nor for audio.
Just need to change the order of the streams so 2nd becomes 1st and vice versa.

I know how to do it via GUI but don´t want to do it that often…

-> Is there a way to do it in batch-mode?

If not:
Is there a way to delete the 1st track from every file via batch?
Would 2nd track automatically become 1st then?

Thanks in advance!
Harald Dehner

The files each contain 2 languages in 2 audio-tracks, yet my TV can only acces the 1st language :-(
Although I want to keep both tracks (for use on a PC) I *really* want to get the 2nd language (English) on my TV…