recommendations / features

  • Christopher-Robin

    hi yous

    I thought about some features you may add:
    - send to tray when in dub mode (maybe with notification when job/list done)
    - customizable toolbar (open, save, streams, codec, job control, etc.)

    People may add their wishes here as well.


    • Christopher-Robin

      You may add command line feature for VDM (so I can write a web control in PHP), and/or you add an integrated web control yourself.

    • Belgabor

      Belgabor - 2003-11-28

      The forum is not the right place to post feature requests. Thats what the feature request tracker is for. (that means all feature request here will be ignored).

      P.S: Dont expect any fancy stuff. At the moment we have one major developer and a minor one. We don't have time for anything beyond basic updates.


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