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Virtual Dimension 0.94 released !

At long last, the new version has been released !!! It adds many usability improvements, features and fixes lots of bugs. Also, it is a first step toward internationalization (although english is still the only language provided :D).

Have fun !

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2005-07-09

VD release status

The latest stable release of VD is more than one year old... Unfortunately, i was not able to complete a release earlier. However, it is now about ready... A beta version has been released, which includes many new functions, bug fixes and enhancements...

It seems this version is quite stable, except it will crash whenever the application gets closed... unfortunately, i can't really find where the problem comes from. It seems the problem arises only when compiling with GCC (mingw or cygwin), so it may be a compiler bug, although i can't isolate that either...... read more

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2005-06-25

Happy new year !

I wish everybody a year filled with joy, happiness and health !

As for Virtual Dimension, i hope i will be able to spend a little bit more time working on VD... 2004 was not a very active year, with a single release in early january, but a little work has been done...

... and i started working a bit more on it... If i can keep working on it like that, there should be a release soon, with many new functions and bug fixes...... read more

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2005-01-02

Virtual Dimension 0.93 released !

This release fixes quite a few bugs from the previous release, especially many settings that were not saved/restored properly. Moreover, settings are now saved when the application is closed due to windows shutdown/reboot/user logout. This release also improve portability, which should allow the application to run on NT and win95.

The preview window has been greatly improved. It can now be dragged from anywhere, be docked to the sides of the screen, and get hidden automatically after some time if the window does not have the focus. The title bar can also be hidden, and pressing the CONTROL key while clicking with the right button always displays the system menu.... read more

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2004-01-04

Virtual Dimension 0.92b released !

This is a compatibility release. It fixes two issues that people may have with the previous release.

First, the application would not run on NT or 95 systems, aborting immediatly with an error message explaining the msimg32.dll file could not be found.

Secondly, last version needs the mingwm10.dll file to be in the path in order for shell integration to work properly. As a consequence, this library is now installed in the system directory by the installer.

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2003-11-02

Virtual Dimension 0.92 released !

This release adds many improvements, bug fixes, and new features. This is the first release to include an installer. This way, the application can also be uninstalled.

This release provides major performance improvement. The desktop switching process has been rewritten to handle each window in a separate thread, leading to increased performance and allowing for slow/hung windows. In addition, windows animations get disabled while switching desktop, to make switching smoother. Z-order and foreground window/focus are now be fully restored.... read more

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2003-10-26

Virtual Dimension 0.91 released !

This is a major release. It includes many fixes, as well as some major new features: - support for jpeg, gif, png, tiff and emf in addition to bmp for wallpaper; - shell integration; - configurable preview window appearance (color, background image); - windows can now be automatically moved to the current desktop when they appear, or the desktop can automatically switch; - ALT+TAB can display all windows, or only current desktop's windows, according to user's choice; - activation is now saved when switching desktops; - icons should be correct at all times; - double buffering is used for flicker-free drawing.... read more

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2003-07-06

Virtual Dimension 0.9b released !

Make application run on Windows 9x/Me as well as NT/2000/XP. This portability had been lost with previous release.

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2003-05-31

Virtual Dimension 0.9 released !

First, please take note that this release DOES NOT WORK on Windows 9x. It is supposed on work only on Windows NT/2000/XP. I will release another version, supporting all operating systems, in the near future. This release fixes quite a few bugs, most notably crash happening when clicking on some parts of the window, wrong context menu. In addition, transparency and always on top should now work on all windows. Icons should always be correct. Context menu for the desktop displays icons correctly. Task list now only displays windows that are on the current desktop. Quite a few new features have been added too, and some improvements have been made. It is now possible to use the WINDOWS hotkey in hotkeys. Switching to the next/previous desktop is possible, using the WIN+TAB and WIN+SHIFT+TAB hotkeys. Closing the windows can now close it to tray instead. Settings can be set for each window, and they will be restored (as well as size and position, optionally) whenever this kind of window starts (or when Virtual Dimension starts). It is now possible to configure VD so that it starts with Windows. Preview window position can be locked, to prevent accidental position change. VD can display the name of the activated desktop in a fully configurable OSD window when switching desktop.

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2003-05-30

Virtual Dimension 0.89 released !

This version adds more control on windows, allowing to put windows in the tray , maximize height/width, killing a window...

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2003-04-28

Virtual Dimension v0.8 released !

Hi !

The new release adds quite few features, including the awaited ability to move a window from desk to desk. It should be fairly useable right now, and quite user friendly.

Here is a more precise list of changes:
* Ability to move a window from one desktop to the other, using a dialog or simply drag and drop in the preview window.
* Context menu for desktops and windows in the preview window.
* Can activate a window, make it always on top, or visible on all desktops.
* Minor improvements here and there.
* Some performance improvements... read more

Posted by Francois Ferrand 2003-03-27

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