after using 'Auto-settings' can't use appl.

  • VReijs

    VReijs - 2008-02-08


    I was trying out 'Auto-Settings' on an application, and had set it to 'User save settings' Auto set size, auto-set positon auto-set desktop.

    For some reason I am now not able anymore to mazimize/restore the application window (it is in the task bar only). How can I recovere form this.
    I have deinstalled, reinstalled, deinstalled, reinstalled,deinstalled, reinstalled, bothte applicaiton and Vritual Dimension, but not solution.

    I also cleared up the registry with a program of Clarysoft, but that also did not help.

    Can you help! Thanks.

    All the best,


    • AndyAM

      AndyAM - 2008-02-11

      Any chance the window has moved beyond the edge of the desktop?  Try right clicking on the taskbar and selecting one of the 'tile' or 'cascade' windows choices.

      • VReijs

        VReijs - 2008-02-17

        Hello Andy,
        Nothing of this worked (even if I do one of these choices; I get a sub window and even 'Maximize' does not work!). I got it to work, but don't ask me what I did. I tryed many variries of the Virutal Dimensions 'Auto-settings' and after half an hour trying I got it to work again... Sorry I don't know how, but I also don't want to reproduce it (and the possibility of being able to use the application).

        All the best,



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