mouse WRAP on mouse WARP

  • Stephen Blair

    Stephen Blair - 2006-06-15

    It may sound a bit funny, but I use this on my linux box and I'm used to it.

    Basically...  When switching desks with the mouse warp, the mouse moves to the opposite side of the screen so it feels like you're scrolling smoothly across the screen boundary.  This feels best when the warp timeout is set to close to 0.
    Speaking of which, a warp timeout would be useful as well!

    • Stephen Blair

      Stephen Blair - 2006-06-15

      Sorry, this was already mentioned in other posts, I didn't see them on my initial scan.

      • Francois Ferrand

        all of this is already implemented (at least in CVS or the latest beta). Everything can be configured through the registry. What's missing is a proper UI to do all the configuration :)

    • Martin Egholm

      Martin Egholm - 2006-06-16

      Super - didn't know about the registry stuff!

      So, typz what is the roadmap of this killer app?
      Are you susceptible for feature requests?

      Then I'm up for one or two:

      - Hotkey to send an application to the back (this is the most cool feature when getting used to it)
      - Snap windows to other windows and edges (like allSnap:\)
      - Hotkey to jump to "previsously used desktop"

    • Stephen Blair

      Stephen Blair - 2006-06-22

      Ok, using the newest (.95 alpha) The mouse wrap on warp works OK except for one thing...

      When moving the mouse off the right-side of the screen, the mouse shows up on the left side - this is fine...  But the desktop switches the wrong way!

      If on desk 2, move mouse right, it should send you to desk 3, _not_ desk 1 like it's doing now.

      Am I missing something?

      • Francois Ferrand

        It seems to work fine for me.

        I have this setup:
        | Desk1 | Desk2 |
        | Desk3 | Desk4 |

        If i am on Desk1, and move the mouse on the right side of the screen, i go to desk2. If then i move to the left side, i go back to desk1. Also, from Desk1, if i go to the left, i come to Desk2; and if from desk2 i go to the right, i go to Desk1.

        This is working like that by design: mouse warp on the side stays on the same 'line' of deskop, and wraps when it reaches the first/last desktop of the line.


    • thor918

      thor918 - 2007-09-10

      the Alaphap mousewarp it just so much better than the 0.94 ;)
      however, I'm not completly used to it yet. :p
      I tend to throw mouse around on the screen, so many times I come to another screen unatendly... most because of the tastkbare side..


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