tiem for another alpha ? beta ?

qbit qbert
  • qbit qbert

    qbit qbert - 2006-07-03

    cant wait for new features :)
    great prog

    • tomten

      tomten - 2007-02-07

      This project is dead, right? 

      • tomten

        tomten - 2007-02-07

        Oops, just checked the bug list.  Definitely dead.

        • Martin Egholm

          Martin Egholm - 2007-02-07

          Hi tomten,

          I'm not sure it's definetely dead.
          Maybe it's kinda "feature-dead" - but the application (latest beta-build) as I see it, is as good as it gets!
          Sure I would like to see some additional features, but as it is now, it fullfills 98% of my needs!
          That said, however, I've seriously considered joining the development team my self...

          Maybe the arrival of Vista will wake it up again...

          Let's see,

      • Francois Ferrand

        i like to think it's not dead... true, development is not going fast, but things are slowly (indeed) improving...

        • Martin Egholm

          Martin Egholm - 2007-02-08

          typz: Fantastic! Can you reveal what you're working on?

          • Francois Ferrand

            many things... debugging, better handling of hanged applications, command line interface (to switch desktop...), notification of window activity on another desktop....

            • Martin Egholm

              Martin Egholm - 2007-02-09

              Sounds fantastic! Can't wait to try it out - feel free to build bleeding edge versions :-)

              // Martin

              Top two requests:
              - "send to back" shortcut
              - "go to previous active desktop" shortcut

            • tomten

              tomten - 2007-02-20

              Not to be rude, but all those things exist in your competitor's product:

              What's your future strategy for not making virtual-dimension just become a duplicate of that?

              • Francois Ferrand

                There is no question of strategy, competition or duplicate... This is open-source software, not business. VD is VD, it's free use it if you like it. If you prefer VirtuaWin, go ahead....

                And if there are some features which are missing, it won't stay like that just because other project have it....

                • PIK

                  PIK - 2008-01-05

                  Nope boy. VirtuaWin have his little bit more features, but also his own problems ;-) And I meanm Virtuawin have enogh own problems.

                  Please dont give ab! :-(

              • Martin Egholm

                Martin Egholm - 2007-02-20


                Isn't that quite normal?! Different people do different versions of similar software - not to mention games! Some like the feeling of one, others like the taste of another.

                Personally, I like Virt-Dim better - and mostly for the transparency-support, stay-on-top, send-to-desktop (but popup-list and right-click menu), the transparent-pager with icons. All features VirtuaWin does not have.
                So that's the flavour I prefer...

                But sure, virtuawin does have some nice ones inspired from Linux - the Alt-mouse to move a window, and the send-to-back, but that kinda it for me...

                Just my 0.02£

                // Martin

    • tomten

      tomten - 2007-02-20

      Yes, yes, don't get me wrong, I used virt-dim until it died, and always liked it. I was just wondering if the best way to revive it is to add those specific features. Maybe some more Vista-specific stuff instead? An exposé-style (I forget the names Microsoft gives to the stuff they steal from OSX) virtual-desktop-switcher maybe? =]

    • gimped

      gimped - 2007-02-20

      If development is occuring, please please work out the bugs before adding any new features.  See the open discussions on losing explorer windows and other windows.

    • chernics

      chernics - 2007-05-20

      virutal dimension blows VirtuaWin out of the water, hands down. The outstanding preview window alone ensures that!

      Keep it coming, Francois! (And keep in mind that not ALL the bugs on the list are THAT major; many of them maybe shouldn't even be 5's....


    • n alb

      n alb - 2007-07-23

      Its now Vista Time for me, and virtual Dimension (alpha) works better with, than it does with my XP.

      I looked for an alternative - forget it, there is none!

      Absolutly great work ! Thanks! Can´t live without, since years!



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