Windows wo "icon" appear on all desktops

  • Martin Egholm

    Martin Egholm - 2007-06-24

    Hi Typz,

    One of my favorite applications is Singer's Creations post-it application "StickIt" ( However, the post-it's insist of showing up on all desktops - why is that? Are they of such a different type that you have no control of them?

    This goes for every post-it application I've tried...

    // Egholm

    • Francois Ferrand

      Indeed, post-its are quite different type of windows, and are thus ignored by Virtual Dimension. Similarly, there is no taskbar icon for these window...

      • Martin Egholm

        Martin Egholm - 2007-06-25

        Are they ignored deliberately?

        • Francois Ferrand

          This type of windows is ignored deliberatly, as it is also used for all types of tool windows: floating tool panel, toolbar, secondary frame....
          And generally, it corresponds to windows which are relatively small, and thus do not obscur the whole desktop.

          • Martin Egholm

            Martin Egholm - 2007-06-26

            Oh, I see...
            But in which case do you actually want those windows to stick to all desktops?

            Now I think of it, I have the same problem with a lot of applications:
            * Google's Picasa - when scanning/saving images, the progress bar follows along on all desktop...
            * Std. File open/save dialogs
            * Every modal window

            I think they should stay on their respective desktop - along with their context - or?


            • tomten

              tomten - 2007-06-26

              I think windows should stay on their respective desktops unless you explicitly tell them not to, but this is just because I like to treat "virtual desktops" as "workspaces".

            • Francois Ferrand

              There are mainly two reasons for this:
              - These window do not appear in task list, nor taskbar.... thus, they are not 'regular' applications, and it's very difficult to distguish them from all other windows (and there are actually lots of them....)
              - Many of these are actually related to some other window.... which should (and usually does) hide them when it is itself hidden...

              • Martin Egholm

                Martin Egholm - 2007-06-30

                I didn't quite follow the first argument, sorry.
                But you're kinda right in the second argument - indeed many applications do hide their modal dialogs when hiding themselves. But that's exactly the point, "many" does, but surely not all. Hence, we can discuss from now until New Year, who's responsible for aiding the remainder applications to this behavior... Since virt-dim knows when these are surely not wanted displayed (on another desktop), it could assist them :-)

    • Martin Egholm

      Martin Egholm - 2007-06-26

      Exactly my point. And exactly my (everybody's?) desktop usage, as well... And I would like to dedicate one desktop to my post-its - instead of my physical desk...

      But, I reckon there is a reason Typz has made like so - or maybe there is not :-)


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