Some windows don't get VD submenu

  • David M. Karr

    David M. Karr - 2008-03-17

    I very recently discovered Virtual Dimension.  I used to use the old "Sdesk" from Jan Tomasek.  SDesk works pretty well, but I could see that VD (unfortunate acronym there :) ) has some attractive features, but it also loses a bit in comparison with SDesk.

    With SDesk, it was always possible to drag windows around in the panner, because windows aren't represented as an icon, as in VD, but as a rectangle approximating the dimension and location of the actual window. In VD, if I have 3 or more windows in a workspace, the icons past that aren't draggable from the preview window.

    So I figured, the substitute for that ability is the "Virtual Dimension" submenu on the window menu on all windows.  Unfortunately, I've discovered that some windows either don't get that submenu added to it, or simply don't have a window menu in the first place.  For instance, I find that DOS windows don't appear to get the "Virtual Dimension" submenu, and application modal windows never get a window menu anyway.  As a result, sometimes the only way I can get the ability to move a window to another workspace is to first drag all the other windows in the workspace to another workspace, then since the icon is now visible in the original workspace, I can drag it where I want it, and then I can drag back the other windows.  Sort of messy.

    • David M. Karr

      David M. Karr - 2008-03-18

      I was able to mitigate this problem by binding a key to the "Move window to some desk" operation.

    • John Vincent

      John Vincent - 2008-07-18

      I am very new to Virtual Dimension. I have run into some strange behavior on Windows XP Professional SP2. For quite a while most of the settings in the Configure window were not doing anything. I also couldn't figure out how to move things to different desktops. Then I discovered that for many windows I could right mouse button click on items on the Windows task bar, then use the Virtual Dimension mpop-up menu selection to specify the desired desktop. I've noticed this does not work for Internet Explorer or Firefox windows. (There are probably others also.) But I have been able to drag and drop them (as well as other windows) from one desktop to another. I'm pretty sure this was not working previously along with getting the OSD to turn on. I don't know what I did (I tried a number of things) that fixed things, but they both seemed to start working about the same time. (Hopefully they will continue to do so.)


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