Feature Request: Auto-unhide on rollover

  • Marsh

    Marsh - 2006-04-28

    Rather than have to click the small square to expand the hidden VD window, it would be nice if the tiny square auto expanded on rollover. 

    I'm totally converted from the MS powertoy.  Excellent app!

    • Francois Ferrand

      Well, it does already expand on rollover....

    • Marsh

      Marsh - 2006-06-06

      It stays "hidden" as a small (about 10px) box for me until I click it.  I can't find any option that allows for auto-expanding the "hidden" VD window.

    • thor918

      thor918 - 2007-09-10

      it does auto expand the window here.
      but the mouse does not auto expand when in x=0,y=0, it looks like your behind the box then. it's a little anoying to have to target the box as you are trying to shoot it in precision. I would like it more, if one could just throw the mouse pointer up in the corner instead(x=0,y=0).

      but. all in all I realy was thinking wow, when I found this tool. It's just perfect.

      I also tested another sourceforge project that does the same:

      but it seems your project is far better. however it does have some stuff, that is good.


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