Bring hidden windows back

  • Stephen Blair

    Stephen Blair - 2006-06-22

    Lets say I have 12 windows open in several different desktops (most of them are hidden in other desks), and something happens to VD - crash, freakout, whatever.

    Suddenly, my windows are gone - still running, but inaccessible.

    Firstly, is there a way to get access to them again?
    Secondly, if there isn't, I'd like a tool that restarts VD and puts the windows back to the place they were originally (if this is possible) - if not, then just throw everything back onto the taskbar so I can access it again.

    Sorry for all the posts - I love this app and want to see it continue.

    • Francois Ferrand

      If VD has crashed, you can simply restart it to get all the hidden windows back. Only all of those will appear on the first desktop, instead of there respective ones.

      This has been there for some time, i don't know if it was included in the last 'official' release. It's in the last beta in any case.

      Best regards,

    • chernics

      chernics - 2007-06-04

      I was wondering this also.

      The latest version fixes it nicely, even though it's Alpha.

      Man, I DIG this software; absolutely excellent.


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