Guido - 2013-09-06

Good morning to all!

I am using Viperr 3 and I just tested Viperr 4 which comes with the same problem.

It's very good job, excellent project, way to go!

But there is a sad note for me.

Please, could you help me to fix this issue?

E.g, cutting a long story, just hook or any online movies website. Then start to download and/or Play (in case of AVI) any movie.

You will see the paying bar showing how much is downloading and ram cache in percent is filling but nothing start! Even when the movie is fully downloaded clicking on PLAY nothing start!

Is there any other codec to download or uninstall to see any movies in AVI, Flash, MP 3 or 4 etc?

When it come to play movies already downloaded, any format, from different souces, such as old video data bank, at that point Gnome Mplayer works without any problem, very odd statut when you are online and play any movies, the bar is filling but nothing is showing up.

I would greatly appreciated your time and help because I would like to keep you beautifully distro!

Thank you very much Mr. Borskey and I eagerly await your response.


Guido Mezzalana