#38 good composite diagrams


I use Violet 0.21.1 on java

I have a problem to make a good composite diagram in Violet. My best result is shown in composition_example.png. When I try to move a little bit the Destroyer or the Army, inheritance arrows stop to come out of the top of the diagram or stop to come to the bottom of the Military Unit. They stick somewhere at the side of a class. The main problem is the composition line - it should rather come from the side of Army to the side or top of Military Unit. But this is not possible: HVH that should yield such a result acts the same as VHV.

It would be great to be able to draw the connections as in composition1,composition2 and composition3. The last example (composition3) comes from argoUML (which I don't like to use) - the composition line is drawn as a polyline. This might be a nice solution if it is possible to implement.

It would also be good if one could stick the endpoints of lines (inheritance etc.) at any place on the border of the class. Currently only 4 points locations are possible.


  • Antoni Marcinek

    Antoni Marcinek - 2010-08-22

    files ilustrating the request

  • Antoni Marcinek

    Antoni Marcinek - 2010-08-22
    • priority: 5 --> 9
    • assigned_to: nobody --> alexdp

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