I created a Class Diagram, which also has a linked diagram to another class diagram. However, the linked diagram does not seem to be working correctly. The linked diagram points to a diagram in a sub-folder similar to the following:

        “C:/Documents and Settings/UserName/My Documents/Violet UML/UMLdoc1.class.violet”

After creating the linked diagram, when I click on it, it shows a file open dialog containing the name of the diagram (e.g., “UMLdoc1.class.violet”). However, instead of being located in the sub-folder “C:/Documents and Settings/UserName/My Documents/Violet UML/”, the dialog ends up being located one level higher in the sub-folder “C:/Documents and Settings/UserName/My Documents/”.

What am I doing wrong? Should I use relative folder reference like "./UMLdoc1.class.violet"?