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--- a/trunk/doc/version7.txt
+++ b/trunk/doc/version7.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-*version7.txt*  For Vim version 7.3.  最近更新: 2011年5月
+*version7.txt*  For Vim version 7.3.  最近更新: 2013年1月
 		  VIM 参考手册	  by Bram Moolenaar
@@ -8874,7 +8874,7 @@
 问题:	    A redraw in a custom statusline with %! may cause a crash.
 	    (Yukihiro Nakadaira)
 解决方案:   Make a copy of 'statusline'.  Also fix typo in function name
-	    redraw_custum_statusline. (partly by Dominique Pelle)
+	    redraw_custom_statusline. (partly by Dominique Pelle)
 相关文件:   src/screen.c
 Patch 7.2.281

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