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%html -s plain


\title{Vim 中文用户手册}


%html -r http://vimcdoc.sf.net
%html -o href_in_alltt normal
%html -o label "%p\phantomsection\label{%f}"
%html -o label_n "%p\phantomsection\label{%f:%n}"
%html -o cf "%p\hyperref{%f}{%a}"
%html -o cf_n "%p\hyperref[%f:%n]{%a}"
%html -d h4 -alltt "\textcolor{header}{\textbf{" "}}\nl"
%html -d b "\textcolor{vimtag}{\textbf{" "}}"
%html -d strong "\textcolor{section}{" "}"
%html -d kbd "\textcolor{keystroke}{" "}"
%html -d samp "\textcolor{special}{" "}"
%html -d cite "\textcolor{compat}{" "}"
%html -d tt "\textcolor{vim}{" "}"
%html -d dfn "\colorbox{yellow}{\textcolor{blue}{" "}}"
%html -d var "\textcolor{blue}{" "}"
%html -d l1 "\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{" "}\nl"
%html -d l2 "\clearpage\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{subsection}{" "}\nl"

%html usr_toc.html 0
%html usr_01.html 1
%html usr_02.html 1
%html usr_03.html 1
%html usr_04.html 1
%html usr_05.html 1
%html usr_06.html 1
%html usr_07.html 1
%html usr_08.html 1
%html usr_09.html 1
%html usr_10.html 1
%html usr_11.html 1
%html usr_12.html 1
%html usr_20.html 1
%html usr_21.html 1
%html usr_22.html 1
%html usr_23.html 1
%html usr_24.html 1
%html usr_25.html 1
%html usr_26.html 1
%html usr_27.html 1
%html usr_28.html 1
%html usr_29.html 1
%html usr_30.html 1
%html usr_31.html 1
%html usr_32.html 1
%html usr_40.html 1
%html usr_41.html 1
%html usr_42.html 1
%html usr_43.html 1
%html usr_44.html 1
%html usr_45.html 1
%html usr_90.html 1


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