Commit Date  
[r126] by wandys

make the old trunk the -vim6 branch

2006-08-19 08:43:37 Tree
[r125] by yianwillis


2006-08-19 03:24:51 Tree
[r124] by lang2

added side link to subversion and removed the CVS info.

2006-08-18 17:50:20 Tree
[r123] by wandys

set correct permission: g+w

2006-08-18 06:11:59 Tree
[r122] by wandys

add the svn commit function (tested)

2006-08-18 03:31:48 Tree
[r121] by wandys

test seems fine.

2006-08-18 03:30:13 Tree
[r120] by wandys

test aap svn commit and auto-updating html pages on both sf and gro.

2006-08-18 03:28:09 Tree
[r119] by wandys

backout the SF_URL change: aap's bultin scp url is ddifferent from the plain scp command syntax

2006-08-18 03:07:02 Tree
[r118] by wandys

first attempt to do the cvs->svn convert and some minor cleanups

2006-08-18 02:18:14 Tree
[r117] by wandys

for auto-updating releases on the gro mirror using sftp

2006-08-18 02:17:26 Tree
[r116] by lang2

tagging 1.5.0 release.

2006-08-17 22:23:49 Tree
[r115] by lang2

complete hack to recover from OSError.

2006-08-17 22:05:39 Tree
[r114] by lang2

committing ChangeLog. OK it is missing the old part. But I don't think
anybody would mind.

2006-08-17 21:49:33 Tree
[r113] by lang2

removing index.html

2006-08-17 21:47:08 Tree
[r112] by lang2

announcing 1.5.0

2006-08-17 21:45:30 Tree
[r111] by lang2

cvs2cl -> svn2cl

2006-08-17 21:44:50 Tree
[r110] by wandys

fix a typo (bug report on gro)

2006-08-17 04:17:22 Tree
[r109] by wandys

fix a typo (bug report on gro)

2006-08-17 03:39:31 Tree
[r108] by yianwillis


2006-08-17 02:38:49 Tree
[r107] by yianwillis

Changelog update

2006-08-17 02:04:18 Tree
[r106] by lang2

preparing to release 1.5.0

2006-08-16 21:33:30 Tree
[r105] by lang2

adding version5 and version6 to release.

2006-08-16 21:28:40 Tree
[r104] by tocer

add me

2006-08-16 02:34:29 Tree
[r103] by yianwillis

small update

2006-08-15 23:06:29 Tree
[r102] by yianwillis

review round 4

2006-08-14 14:56:42 Tree
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