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Vim documentation Chinese version / News: Recent posts

2.0.0 Released

Fully updated to Vim 8.0.

Posted by Willis 2017-08-21

1.9.0 released

Fully updated to Vim 7.4.

Posted by Willis 2013-08-26

PDF manuals uploaded

We now generate PDF versions for both the user manual and the reference manual. The user manual is available both standalone and as part of the reference manual.

Posted by Willis 2011-05-08

1.8.0 released

Fully updated to Vim 7.3.

Posted by Willis 2011-05-08

1.7.0 released

Fully updated to Vim 7.2. This release also adds an optional plugin that automatically sets the default help language to Chinese, so that you don't have to do it by yourself in vimrc. Note that this plugin also modifies the default encoding to utf-8. Please read the HOWTO page for more details.
This release also contains a unicode build of the win32 installation program.

Posted by Willis 2008-12-23

1.6.0 released

Up-to-date with the latest upstream release Vim 7.1. Also included various
bugfixes. Thanks to everyone for making this happen!

Posted by Willis 2007-09-17

Maintainer change

lang2 is stepping down from the maintainer's role and yianwillis will take

Posted by Willis 2007-09-17

1.5.0 released!

A big move and we have a completely new release. Thanks to the hard
work of tocer and Willis, all documentation files are NOW fully
up-to-date with 7.0, including 13 new help files. Online HTML is going
to be updated soon.

Posted by Simon Liang 2006-08-17

All documents translated!

Thanks for Willis, we now have a complete translation of all the Vim documentation, user manual as well as reference manual. Well done Willis.

A new release will be out very soon.

Posted by Simon Liang 2006-03-12

0.8.0 is released

We have now four new files, indent, intro, sponsor and visual.

Also, there are various bug fixes and many improvements.

Posted by Leslie Jackson 2005-07-27

0.7.0 released!

This is a major release. Changes are:
1. Compatible with Vim 6.3
2. UTF encoding

Posted by Simon Liang 2004-07-09

0.5.0 Released!

A bit late as 'news' but here it goes anyway.
See the usual place for changelog, etc.

Posted by Simon Liang 2003-10-29

0.4.5 released!

imcdoc 0.4.5 released! (10.05.2003) by lang2
Huge amount of updates, including 10 newly translated files and tons of improvements on the existing ones. See the project page for a full changelog.

Posted by Simon Liang 2003-10-05

0.4.0 release!!

Posted by Simon Liang 2003-09-22

0.3.5 released!

Another fixing release. See sf project page for release note and change log.

Posted by Simon Liang 2003-09-12

0.3 released!

Thanks for all the hard work by our team
members. We made the milestone release
right on schedule (if we ever had one ;-) ).

Grab them fresh from the 'File' page.


Posted by Simon Liang 2003-05-30

All user manual translated!!!

Thanks for all the hard work by our team members, all the user manual documents are now successfully translated. You can rea them only at

Posted by Simon Liang 2003-05-29