Taglist version 4.2 is released (Nov 14, 2006)

Taglist version 4.2 is released. This is a minor
bug fix release. The following changes are made
in this version:

1. After opening a file with no tags defined in it with the
Tlist_Compact_Format option set, if the tags are updated, the folds
used for the files following the empty tags file are affected.
2. On MS-Windows, use a "taglist.cmd" temporary file to run exuberant
ctags. This is to handle space characters in the file names and
in the exuberant ctags path name.
3. In the taglist window, when a file is re-sorted or updated open the
fold for the file.
4. When the 'shellxquote' option is set to double quotes, escape
double quotes in the command executed for exuberant ctags.
5. On FreeBSD, exuberant ctags is installed as exctags, look for
exctags in the PATH.
6. If two taglist plugins are present (one in the system Vim directory
and another in the user's .vim/plugin directory), then the plugin
in the users's .vim directory overrides the version in the system
vim directory.
7. When the :TlistMessages command is issued display the debug
messages in a taglist.txt buffer.
8. Clear the readonly option for the taglist buffer
9. When opening a selected file, don't use the preview window, if

Posted by yega 2006-11-15

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