Dear all,

I experience a problem when compiling a .tex file whenever there is a white space in the filename.
I am trying to compile a minimal tex file using vim-latex. Everything works fine, except when there is a white space in the filename. For instance, I have created two tex files : "test.tex", and "test 2.tex". Compiling runs smoothly in the first case. In the second, I get the following :
! I can't find file `test'.
<*> test
(Press Enter to retry, or Control-D to exit)

This happens both when I try to compile in dvi and in pdf. I should mention that compiling outside vim (so in bash) by typing either "latex test\ 2.tex" or "latex 'test 2.tex'" works very well.
I would like to know whether you have any idea about what is happening here?

A few details that could be useful:
Version of Vim : 7.4, run in terminal mode
Version of Vim-Latex : latest one (downloaded from Sourceforge and installed today)
OS : Xubuntu
Tex distribution : texlive (package texlive-full)

I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me!