Hi Andreas,

This might work:

Put your default settings (e.g. English) in your .vimrc (or ftplugin/tex) file.
In the directory where you want you use the other language (e.g. German) create a 
main.tex.latexmain file [1] (I'm assuming that the main latex file is main.tex). 
Then put in main.tex.latexmain:
set spell spelllang=de_20
let g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat = 'pdf'
let g:Tex_BibtexFlavor = 'biber'

This file is loaded after all the .vimrc and .vim/* files. 

I've used successfully this trick to compile with pdflatex specific projects, while keeping standard latex as default.



[1] http://vim-latex.sourceforge.net/documentation/latex-suite/latex-project.html

ps: you might think about changing the spelllang only in the current buffer, in particular if you open different filetypes in the same session

2014-02-26 11:09 GMT+01:00 Andreas Groh <andreas.groh@tu-dresden.de>:
Hi @ all,

I am using vim latex suite for a while an I am quite happy with how it
is working. I often have to switch between tex-projects in German (using
pdflatex with biber) and project in English (using latex with bibtex).
Hence, up to now I have to change the settings in my .vimrc before I
start working on another project. These are my settings:

"vim-latex plugin settings
set grepprg=grep\ -nH\ $*
let g:tex_flavor = 'latex'
let g:Tex_BibtexFlavor = 'biber' " use biber instead of bibtex
"let g:Tex_BibtexFlavor = 'bibtex' " using bibtex
let g:Tex_UseMakefile = 0
let g:Tex_ShowErrorContext = 0
let g:Tex_AutoFolding = 0

let g:Tex_CompileRule_dvi = 'latex --interaction=nonstopmode $*'
let g:Tex_CompileRule_ps  = 'dvips -o $*.ps $*.dvi'
let g:Tex_CompileRule_pdf = 'pdflatex --interaction=nonstopmode $*'

let g:Tex_FormatDependency_ps  = 'dvi,ps'
let g:Tex_FormatDependency_pdf = 'pdf'

let g:Tex_MultipleCompileFormats = 'dvi,ps,pdf'

let g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat = 'pdf'
"let g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat = 'ps'

So before switching from a German to an English project a toggle the
comments for the Tex_DefaultTargetFormat and the Tex_BibtexFlavor (and
the spell checking options). Since this is quite inconvenient I thought
about defining two function which do the job. I added

:function German()
:       :set spell spelllang=de_20
:       :let g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat = 'pdf'
:       :let g:Tex_BibtexFlavor = 'biber'
autocmd FileType tex :command! German :cal German()

:function English()
:       :set spell spelllang=en_gb
:       :let g:Tex_DefaultTargetFormat = 'ps'
:       :let g:Tex_BibtexFlavor = 'bibtex'
autocmd FileType tex :command! English :cal English()

to my .vimrc. When I am calling the function English the spell checking
and the bibliography settings are changed correctly. Even the default
format is changed (checked by calling :TTarget) but it is not working as
expected. After calling \ll a pdf file is still build, instead of a ps
file. Sometimes (until now I could find out under which circumstance) a
dvi is build, but not a ps like it should.

Any ideas what is wrong with my function definition? What do I have to
do in order to correctly change the default target from a function. Any
hint is appreciated.

Thanks and best regards.



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