I put them in the after directory:


to avoid modifying main.vim.

Hopefully it helps if .vimrc is not the right place IMAP should go.

On Wed, Dec 25, 2013 at 11:38 AM, Vandra <vanpva@rambler.ru> wrote:
Dear developpers,

Is it possible to make IMAP definitions not in
but just in ~/.vimrc?
(actually my .vimrc source a file located in cloud so I have the same vim
config on several computers)
When I try to define a macros in ~/.vimrc:
call IMAP (g:Tex_Leader.'R', "\\replaced[id=il]{<++>}{", 'tex')
it says that IMAP command not found.
Preceeding it by
au FileType tex so ~/.vim/ftplugin/tex_latexSuite.vim
does not help.

Thank you

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