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Viking 1.5.1 released 2014-03-16

Bug Fix Release Only:

  • [WINDOWS] Ensure an icon is embedded in the executable.
  • [WINDOWS] Fix opening URLs in Windows build only.
  • Shift code around to reduce dependencies required for DEM access.
  • SF Bugs#105: Fix Display of Lines (Clipping) at High Zoom Levels.
  • Remove built in OpenStreetBugs datasource as this service is being phased out.
  • Isolate Viking specific code in otherwise reusable code.
  • Fix DEM layer URL reference output.
  • Remove mistaken need to change directory.
  • Remove repeating of built in types in data files.
  • External tools don't use ids
  • Skip etag files in mbtile converter tool
  • Fix crashing when copying layers with null strings as parameters.
  • Fix translatable string with variable argument
  • Fix 'export_to_common' dialog
  • Fix needing to calculate bounds of both tracks when a track is split via the marker.
  • Fix vik_track_get_length_to_trackpoint() so with the first track point it returns zero, not the entire track length!
  • Fix opening files on command line in different directories.
  • Move man files from doc to help directory so they will be included in the output from make distcheck.
  • Update spec file
  • [QA] Remove build references to things that don't exist anymore.
  • SF Bugs #104: Fix GStatBuf not available on Glib