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Viking 1.0 released.

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What is it?

Viking is a free/open source program to manage GPS data. You can import and plot tracks and waypoints, show Terraserver maps under it, add coordinate lines, make new tracks and waypoints, hide different things, etc.

You can visit the project web site:

What's New?

Version 1.0 is the result of 7 years of work of a large team. For this release, lot of work was done to obtain a version as stable as possible. This special version will be supported for some time. If you need a specific fix, we can provide a 1.0.z release.

New features since 0.9.96

  • Add minimal translator-credits in About dialog
  • Add documenters to About dialog

Fixes since 0.9.96

  • Improve copyright holders
  • Prevent crashes when downloading Expedia Maps.
  • Fix extend track using magic scissors.
  • Fix autodownloading while panning
  • Fix Debian #599048: Segmentation fault when using gpsbabel
  • Fix dem_gradient_colors allocation.
  • Fix compiler warnings in preferences.c


  • Updated fr Translation (Jean-Paul GERST )
  • Updated de Translation (eknus )
  • Updated cs Translation (Radek Stastny )
  • Updated it Translation (simone.sandri )
  • Updated el Translation (aitolos )
  • Updated de Translation (WillyTM )
  • Updated cs Translation (Radek Stastny )
  • Updated es Translation (Jonay )
  • Updated en_GB Translation (issyl0 )


  • Guilhem Bonnefille
  • Rob Norris
  • Sven Wegener

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