#19 change timestamp, gpx & trackinfo


- change trackpoint timestamp to double value because more and more gps units are able to send data faster than 1 HZ
- add some missing tags to GPX (hdop,vdop,pdop)
- add more informations to the trackpoint view (hdop,pdop,vdop,sat,fix)


  • Guilhem BONNEFILLE

    I'm not sure that replacing time_t with gdouble is a good idea. I like to use dedicated types.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Part of this patch was applied. Still missing stuff relted to timestamp.

  • Rob Norris

    Rob Norris - 2013-08-01

    Time to add my 2p (about timestamps):

    The patch as is only addresses the internals of Viking, so there's only one** limited way of getting increased accuracy timestamps into it.
    Certainly the gpspoint.c needs updating to save the 'unixtime' as a gdouble too.

    Unfortunately the timestamp resolution of GPX standard(s) and KML is to a one second resolution.
    And also ATM getting data from a GPS device (or other file formats) via GPSBabel always converts it to GPX in order for Viking to understand it.

    **In using the GSPD interface (in getting a realtime positioning) is the more precise timestamp exposed to Viking.

    I still think it should be done though.


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