Viking 1.4.1 Released

Version 1.4.1 was released on 2013.04.08

Bug fixes to release 1.4

Executive Summary of Changes in 1.4:

Support for GPX Route type including transfer to/from GPS Devices.
Add ability to Acquire My OSM Traces and ability to choose any subset of the available traces.
GPS Upload from a track.
Better Track colour options.
More TrackWaypoint layer options: draw direction arrows, arrow size, trackpoint size, waypoint text size
Display Waypoint Icons in the layers panel treeview.
Restored Route Finding via Google Services. [Was disabled in 1.3.2 due to change in formats supported]
Display map tile source and cached file information in a dialog for a position.
Quick zoom level change from the statusbar by clicking on the zoom level to select another level.
In the Zoom Tool mode: can select an area to zoom in on (via holding shift key + drag mouse).
Mouse Zooming in/out maintains the position focus on the mouse pointer location.
(Use the keys Ctrl+Shift and mouse zoom to maintain the centered map location).
Add support of a Map type for a local On Disk OSM Tile Format.
Allow generation of large pixel sized images.

Source code and a Windows installer version available.

Posted by Rob Norris 2013-04-22