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Just compiled Viking 1.4 on Ubuntu 12.04. Seems to be running fine so far, but: The status bar info usually given when moving the cursor over a map etc. (lat, long, elevation) is truncated, that is, longitude coordinates are truncated after the first 3..4 decimals with "..." and the elevation is not even showing. As this is some info I REALLY need: Did I miss some setting to enable/disable this?!



  • rooots

    rooots - 2013-03-16

    Ok, I found the solution: It seems that the width (max. # of pixels) of the position info output (lat, long, elev) is limited in vikstatus.c, line 110, by:

    gtk_widget_set_size_request ( vs->status[VIK_STATUSBAR_POSITION], 250, -1 );

    I just set it from 250 to 400, recompiled and - tataaaa, working! ;-)

  • Rob Norris

    Rob Norris - 2013-03-17

    Yes unfortunately the first few sections of the statusbar sizes are hard coded.
    I'm guessing your using the preference for the Degree format 'DMS' - this takes up the most characters and so the mouse position doesn't fit.
    Using the preference for the Degree format 'DDD' is the most compact expression.

    Of course depending on your theme/font size then any readout may take up more space.

    Extending the width as you have done has the down side of then reducing width available for the 'General Info' part.

    One potential solution could be to simply remove the first section which reports the tool in use, since:
    1. The tool in use is shown by the mouse pointer icon type
    2. The tool in the toolbar button is depressed
    3. I can't say I personally notice/use this much in the statusbar, so I wouldn't miss it.

    Then this space can be reallocated to the other sections.

  • rooots

    rooots - 2013-03-18


    and thanks for the reply. Yes - I am using DMS but could as well switch to DDD. I appreciate your suggestion about the downside of my modification, but with 1920px on my screen horizontal, I'm not yet prone to running out of space... ;-)
    However, the tool indicator appears to be dispensable for me as well, I think I've never even looked at it so far...

    Keep up the great work!

  • Rob Norris

    Rob Norris - 2013-03-20

    I think I know have a real answer.

    1. Reduce some space from the Tool name and give it the location field.
    More importantly
    2. For the DMS format it currently uses default float output for the seconds value - this means 6 decimal places. This is way to specific for any practical use. I will reduce this to 4 or even 3 decimal places. Possibly doing similar for the DMM format (maybe down to 5 decimal places).

    This will help keep the location text length within bounds.

    I might take this opportunity to insert leading zero in the minutes and seconds fields too. For a more consistent readout.

  • Rob Norris

    Rob Norris - 2013-04-20

    Fixed in Viking 1.4.1

  • Rob Norris

    Rob Norris - 2013-04-20
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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