#84 Losses Extended Waypoint Information on Save/Export

Rob Norris

Unfortunately Viking is missing several 'lesser used' waypoint features:
. time
. fix
. sat
. hdop / vdop / pdop
(but Viking supports these for trackpoints!)
This is just the GPX 1.0 format (http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0/gpx.xsd)

Thus it means they get lost on export (as they're never actually read in) and of course not viewable anywhere either.

Files that would need modifying are at least:
vikwaypoint.[ch] - allow storing waypoint info
gpx.c - read/write missing waypoint info
gpspoint.c - read/write missing waypoint info in vikings internal text format
dialog.c - also display of missing waypoint info
- possibly as extending as tabbed dialog with extra info in new tab to keep overall dialog size compact.

Also there is even more fields such as type, magvar, url, urlname, etc...
However for the moment at least make capabilities of waypoints v trackpoints equivalent.
The further extended information should be a new SF bug/request to be done on demand if anyone needs it/wants to fix it.


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