#82 Making GPX rendering faster


Viking is slow, when navigatingo on the map, while a GPX-file is loades that contain serveral thousands of points.

It seems that it is drawing every point in view, even though they probaly will be rendered as the same pixels (this is when you are zoomed out), and here it is slow. But if you have the same data loaded, and zoom in such that there is only less that 100points or so, it renders quickly.

My suggestion is to make some sort of way to not render serval thousands points, so only render points that is determined by distance (depending on zoomlevel).

I use Viking 1.1 on x86_64.


  • Nickoe

    Nickoe - 2011-08-21

    Okay, that is great news anyway. I run a AMD Athlon 2.7 GHz. But I fell it very slow, it can take more that ten seconds to render. That is really annoying when zooming or panning. :)

  • Rihards

    Rihards - 2011-10-30

    for the record, a 12k point track that josm operates upon smoothly makes viking very, very slow when zoomed out to see all of it - on a decently powerful system

  • Stepan Roucka

    Stepan Roucka - 2012-07-24

    I have now switched to the 1.3.1 version from tarball and I have to say that the rendering speed is vastly improved over the 1.2.1 version packaged in ubuntu 12.04. The 1.2.1 was hardly usable with large tracks, because every operation on the map took several seconds on my core i5. Now, the rendering is still not instant, but it is perfectly usable.

  • Stepan Roucka

    Stepan Roucka - 2012-07-24

    There is still one issue though - automatic downloading of map tiles while a gpx track is shown causes significant lags and 100% load of the CPU. I think that this is because the track is rerendered every time the map layer is changed. Probably the track should be rendered only once?

  • Rob Norris

    Rob Norris - 2012-07-25

    Try increasing the maps cache size in the preferences to the maximum value (300Mb).

    Tracks have to be drawn every map update due to the layering system, so it depends on what things get drawn on top of what.

    Admittedly it's not generally sensible to have maps on top of tracks, but that's how it is.

  • Rob Norris

    Rob Norris - 2012-09-21
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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