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New Release coming soon

I've received some patches that will:

add support for binary STL files

rotation enhancements.

On a personal note, I'm in the middle of a move and on the tail end of a tough year. Thanks go to the code contributors who have waited longer than they should have to see their work added to the project.

I'll be uploading the new revisions in the next couple of weeks. Viewstl has seen nearly 2000 downloads from all over the world. I get fairly regular feedback from users, nearly all of which is positive.... read more

Posted by Doug Dingus 2006-03-13

Cleaned up dowloads

Man, what a mess! It has been a while since I last looked at these. I'm sorry guys, that was tough to parse for sure.

Now it should be quite a bit easier. The current binaries for all platforms are shown for file download. They are the only option now. Linux is at 0.35, win32 at 0.33, irix at 0.33.

The current code is in CVS with the latest 0.35 for linux in the linux directory. If you happen to build 0.35 for other platforms, I would really appreciate hearing about it. My time is limited right now, so this would be a big help.... read more

Posted by Doug Dingus 2004-11-18

0.35 Linux version in CVS

Viewstl receive a patch that fixed build problems and a bug. These changes have been merged into the Linux version. IRIX and win32 changes will follow.

An already complied binary for Linux is in the CVS tree because of its small size. Release files to follow.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2004-11-18

Release status of Viewer

Newest Linux Version is 0.34 and is stable
Newest win32 / IRIX version is 0.33 and is stable

Current development is on Linux where speed and feature set are being expanded. Other platforms to follow shortly.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2003-07-02

About Production and win32 0.34

Version 0.33 and 0.34 are quite stable for everyday use. There are few bugs, and those that exist really are not going to do your system or its data any harm. So I want people to use this stuff.

I am doing a rewrite now so that building on this (poor) codebase for the future will be doable and stable.

There will be a package for win32 0.34 shortly.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2002-06-05

Linux 0.34 in CVS

The latest changes are improved speed for display and fixed case handling for ASCII stl files.

Binary packages will be posted when other platform ports are done.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2002-05-29

Linux files generated

So, I lied... I have setup (finally!) a reasonable Linux machine to work with. Initial development was on SGI IRIX because that was the UNIX platform that I had to work with. Did not go with win32 for obvious reasons...

Going forward, Viewstl will be developed on Linux (I happen to be using the 8.2 Mandrake flavor at the moment!) with backports to other platforms as time permits. Linux is very quickly becoming my primary personal computing platform, so development there makes sense.... read more

Posted by Doug Dingus 2002-05-28

ViewSTL Undergoing a *major* rewrite

Thanks for those that downloaded and gave me feedback on this project. Seems that my code-fu is not where it should be (Thanks Thierry!). While I do some learning no new features or ports will be added at this time until the package is in respectable shape.

One other note about this may be relevant here. I have made much use of the other fine projects that are out there. To me Open Source means sharing, and that of course means giving back --even if it means showing everyone else where your skills really are. The feedback I have been given about this project is very valuable, and has inspired me to learn and grow the skills I have, and that is something that is very important to me. Thanks. Stay Tuned...

Posted by Doug Dingus 2001-05-19

Win32 Code Released

Viewstl now runs on win32. Pre-Built executable is in the latest release. No new features added to the program at this time. I don't plan to add any until all the ports are done. Linux next. (Hey I don't have a good machine right now to build it on ok?)

You can look at the ChangeLog in the latest release to get an idea of what features come next.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2001-02-05

Got releases figured out!

This means that now you can just download the stuff from the project summary page.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2001-01-19

Viewer Home page up.

This was about getting a little documentation out there. There is a screen shot as well as a short bit of info about the project and its status.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2001-01-19

Win32 build coming soon

Have it running now, just need to get things organized and put here nicely

Posted by Doug Dingus 2000-12-08

IRIX package is in the anonymous ftp space for now

Well, in a nut shell I cannot seem to release anything. Probably user error on my part, but who knows.

Posted by Doug Dingus 2000-12-08

Just getting started...

Viewstl currently runs on IRIX and NT. As soon as I can get used to this site and do a little planning, I will get code up. Paitence. If you really want to build this, or would like a binary, please mail and I will send you one.


Posted by Doug Dingus 2000-10-01