Anthony Baldwin - 2013-06-02

I created a dark theme, demo at (and the repo of viewgit has it in there, just a dark.css ).
I have a github repo for my changes at
I might make another. The one I have is grey/green. I might make a more black/red one, or something.

I am considering trying to hack up means for users to add a repo without editing the localconfig manually, but this will require implementing user authentication, first, of course.
Also, thinking of a means to simply have one large repo housing individual repos, and having the individual repos listed on the index, with a config in each repo to set the reponame/description/url, so when a new repo is added to said main repo, it will automagically be listed, perhaps.
These last two require more heavy lifting than editing a css, so stay tuned, but don't hold your breath.