v 0.5.1 (w/ ranting!)

Ah.. the latest is up, along with a Windows executable this time. <Skip to disregard rant> I am always dubious that py2exe (along with me coping what I remember) creates workable program even though I test it on a box with no Python or anything installed on it. Why is that? Just that maybe there was something missing. Or, when I compile it on WinXP it doesnt work on Win2000. My only real distaste with python is that I can't make a compiled executable. (Though obviously, the interpreted nature is blessing sometimes as well.) Of course even C++ in today's world, I would still need to give you 900 .so/.dll(s) due to using helpful libraries (I am looking at you OpenSceneGraph).

Anyways, I changed how created scenarios are stored. Still, very volatile in nature but now it will be easier to add new types of events and triggers. It is on the way of creating a game that is somewhat playable (in a meaningful and interesting way).

Battling - Not exactly what I would like. But, I had to scale back on how it worked to get some other parts of the game working.

Till next time

Posted by Michael Dorsett 2005-05-09

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