Hey Namik,

The code looks fine. As a small tip, I would advise to use blas3MatrixSize{A,B,C} = {M, N, K} ; it's much more conventional. I would also suggest to remove LU from the benchmark. I only achieve 11 GFLOP/s on my machine (GEMM peaks at 120GFLOP/s). It will smash the overall score if you keep it enabled!

Philippe (Not sleeping either :-p)

2014-08-17 23:28 GMT+02:00 Namik Karovic <namik.karovic@gmail.com>:
Hi all,

I just pushed the first working version of expert(custom) benchmark mode. Selecting custom sparse matrices is yet to be implemented, but all other benchmark configs are working. 

Except blas3, that is. I think I got the sizes wrong. I'd appreciate it if someone could check if I did it right:

//blas3MatrixSizeA,B = size1,2
//blas3MatrixSizeB,C = size2,3
  viennacl::matrix<ScalarType> vcl_A(blas3MatrixSizeA, blas3MatrixSizeB);
  viennacl::matrix<ScalarType> vcl_B(blas3MatrixSizeB, blas3MatrixSizeC);
  viennacl::matrix<ScalarType> vcl_C(blas3MatrixSizeA, blas3MatrixSizeC);

// Fill the matrix
  for (unsigned int i = 0; i < blas3MatrixSizeA; ++i)
    for (unsigned int j = 0; j < blas3MatrixSizeB; ++j)
      stl_A[i*blas3MatrixSizeA + j] = random<ScalarType>();

  for (unsigned int i = 0; i < blas3MatrixSizeB; ++i)
    for (unsigned int j = 0; j < blas3MatrixSizeC; ++j)
      stl_B[i + j*blas3MatrixSizeC] = random<ScalarType>();

//using ranges
  viennacl::range r(blas3MatrixSizeB/4, 3 * blas3MatrixSizeB/4);

//using slices
  viennacl::slice s(0, 2, blas3MatrixSizeB/2);

The benchmark crashes on test 4 (LU factorization). I don't know if I messed up somewhere before test 4 (in the code written above), or somewhere else.

Regards, Namik


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