Romulous - 2013-12-29

Hi Ralf,

Sure - the clip is only about 32MB, and was obtained from here:

It was a clip posted to the Doom9 forums as a test clip specifically with a rotation flag in it. Pretty standard MP4 clip (H264 video, AAC audio).

Graph was basically LAV Splitter (v0.59.1), LAV Audio (v0.59.1), LAV Video (v0.59.1) and then LAV Video output to your rotation filter, which was then output to the Colour Space Converter filter that is included with Windows, which then outputs to the video renderer.

I tried all the standard DirectShow video renders - EVR (non-custom presenter, so the one that is installed with Windows), madVR, Haali's, and the three VMR9 renderers (Windowed, Windowless, Renderless). Video is 1280x720 I believe, but rotated onto its side - so the right way up, it would be 720x1280.