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Minor Build Issue

  • jamie faye fenton

    I am seeing a minor build problem when I do a "Make Clean" or a "Rebuild Project" on VS-2008.
    Doing a build after cleaning would result in 2 of the sub-project compiles failing the first time through. Running the build again succeeds because the dependencies were satisfied.

    Setting up the following dependency relationships corrected matters so that the project would build cleanly in one shot:

    BaseClasses   none
    DirectShow       BaseClasses
    Image                BaseClasses,DirectShow
    RotateFilter      DirectShow,Image
    YuvSource        BaseClasses,DirectShow

    The dependencies may be over-specified in my list, I have not gone through and minimized them.

    I should add that the CSIR Videoprocessing project is the best example of a well-structured multiple-filter Direct Show project I have seen. In particular, it does an admirable job of taming the "property pages" problem.

  • Ralf Globisch

    Ralf Globisch - 2010-11-03

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. I have updated the solutions to build correctly.



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